Where land, sea, and sky intersect.

Where land, sea, and sky intersect.

Omly recently posted about Illustration Friday, which I hadn’t previously heard of.  I doubt it’s something I’ll do every week, but I have wanted to get a bit more intentional with art for a while now.  So, this is my contribution to the theme of this week, “Edge.”

This was done on my iPad in Procreate, which I’m clearly underutilizing.  I think the most affirming thing I can say about this is that it shows that photography is my main medium.

5 thoughts on “Edge

  1. Well, I really like this image – I must do, because it’s one of only about a dozen I clicked on! ;)

    It’s gentle, and the composition and colour choices are very, very pleasing. It’s something I could enjoy as a picture hung on a wall.

    I’m not very good at creating in paint/draw programmes. I’m slowly getting to grips with iDraw, but it’s a steep learning curve for me. I love adapting photos, and I enjoy drawing from scratch, but the digital art world is difficult for me, so you have my admiration!

    • Thank you! I’m still insecure in my drawings, so the kind words are encouraging.

      I think it best to use what’s comfortable for you. Years of developing digital photos in Photoshop have left me comfortable with the sort of tools that let me work on multiple layers, sometimes adjusting how they blend and interact. I’d be far less secure working on real paper, and I admire those that can draw that way.

  2. Yay! It is awesome that you picked up the (digital) pen even if it doesn’t happen every week. I was particularly struck by the color choices for the sky, which are beautiful. And the texture of the water has great movement like actual dancing choppy wavelets.

    • Thanks! With the sky, I was going for dusk, to show an edge between day and night, as well, but wasn’t sure if that came off. I have a capacitive stylus on order, which should be in tomorrow, so I’ll have slightly more fine control than my finger. That means I’m almost certain to try next week’s challenge, too, at least. Thanks again for pointing out this challenge and encouraging others to join in!

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